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‘Every step of the way I was almost like, “This isn’t actually going to happen,” ’ Austin Paramore said of his journey to get his graphic novel published.
The stage musical, set for the summer of 2024, will feature a book by Taylor Mac, directed by Rob Ashford.
Fifty years after U.S. beers scored poorly against imported rivals in a backyard test by columnist Mike Royko, domestics prove they’ve improved. Slats would approve.
A summer list of reading centered around the outdoors, but not really beach-reading fare.
‘Rivermouth,’ one of the most highly touted indie books of the summer, makes migrants story individual and personal.
His debut as a novelist follows his previous stints as a radio disc jockey, TV voiceover artist, Broadway actor, horror film writer and of course the drag-wearing face of Twisted Sister.
Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist took readers from the southern Appalachians to the desert Southwest in such novels as “The Road,” “Blood Meridian” and “All the Pretty Horses.”
Along with the film and beverage lore, author and Turner Classic Movies host Eddie Muller explains how to stock a home bar and the basics of mixing cocktails.
A parent’s complaint led to the poem, ‘The Hill We Climb,’ being placed a restricted list by an elementary school. ‘I’m gutted,’ the poet said in a Facebook post.
Useni Eugene Perkins is best known for his poem ‘Hey Black Child,’ but Mr. Perkins was a prolific author whose works ranged from children’s plays and poems to tomes documenting life on Chicago’s streets.
New book by Chicago writer Jonathan Eig resonates as the right wages a ‘War on Woke.’
Get to know Lambert’s grandma “Nonny” and her mom “Bev” and all their colorful female friends through the recipes they’ve swapped and shared
For the Oscar winner, star of four locally made movies, the big building will always be Sears Tower.
The FTC — owed $37 million — is investigating whether Kevin Trudeau is hiding millions. His fan club raised $3 million from people who admire his teachings.
A bill requiring public libraries to adopt anti-book-banning policies to receive state funding has passed both houses of the legislature. The governor said he will sign it.
The royals biographer hears “there will be no tiaras” at the ceremony and says the new monarch is a serious man of “wild imagination.”
Visceral Dance’s 10th anniversary and concerts by BTS’ Agust D highlight the week’s entertainment events.
“Flipping Boxcars,” billed as a “valentine” to 1940s crime fiction, is scheduled for Sept. 12.
The book serves as both an origin story for the living NBA legend and an examination of how James changed the role of superstar athlete in so many ways — from business to entertainment to politics.
School officials removed the illustrated version of the popular diary after a conservative advocacy group said it minimized the Holocaust.
Chicago author Bill Zehme had a genius for writing celebrity profiles and making friends. He wrote biographies of Frank Sinatra, Andy Kaufman and Jay Leno.
The medals are Biden’s first batch of awards for the arts and humanities, which were delayed by the pandemic. Mindy Kaling, Gladys Knight, Amy Tan and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are also among the medal recipients.