Dear Abby

Abigail Van Buren’s daily relationship advice column.

Is there a nice way to ask him to stop revving the engine on our street?
The disclosure is the latest worrisome act from a mother-in-law who also is trying to give her toddler grandchild unwelcome religious instruction.
Woman considers plastic surgery to feel better about her looks.
Girl’s anxiety and a language barrier hinder her from approaching other teens and building a social life.
Mom worries the woman won’t live 10 more years but fears speaking up will ruin their relationship.
Grandparents’ visits with autistic boy abruptly stop after a molestation claim that appears to be unfounded.
Doctors, banks, stores keep suggesting procedures that won’t work on an inexpensive flip phone.
She’s been told over and over to call ahead but persists in dropping by unannounced.
Passenger felt helpless when cousin swigged beer while navigating narrow country roads.
People are trying to eat while he goes on about dirty bathrooms, and when patrons object, he throws them out.
Woman wants to be a wife but the man isn’t sure when — or even if — he’ll be ready for that.
A few months before her big day, woman considers asking them to get rid of their unnatural colors.
Mean girl enjoys the hospitality of her neighbor but routinely insults the family’s child and won’t let her come over.
Widower’s new wife is troubled when he posts an anniversary message to the woman he lost in 2010.
Man works full time, too, but also does most of the chores and parenting.
It’s exhausting for the woman to keep hearing how she’ll go to hell for not following the word of God daily.
When folks ask about the young woman, there’s no nice way to say she quit college twice and is dating an abusive loser.
She was supposed to be the maid of honor but lost the role after a change of plans. Now she’s getting married and her godmother wants to mend fences.
Man finds himself looking too much at the 19-year-old in sports bra and panties.
The man isn’t interested in making any effort with a fertility specialist.
He claims he’s not sexist, but when he calls he always asks for the hard-of-hearing man of the house, who has trouble using the phone.
Breakup sets off a series of events worthy of ‘Gossip Girl.’
Though their marriage had ups and downs, she now talks about him as though he were a saint.
Owner can’t look at the items of art and decor without being reminded of visitors’ thoughtless jokes.