Around 20 royal fans and their pet corgis gathered to walk their dogs outside the palace in central London to remember Queen Elizabeth II a year after her death.
Nearly 80,000 people gathered in the Nevada desert for the annual arts and wilderness celebration were stuck in mud without working toilets and vehicle traffic shut down.
The Trinidad, a 140-foot-long vessel that carried grain and coal, sank in May 1881 about 120 miles north of Milwaukee. The crews possessions and deck gear are still present.
Before his election in 2002 as governor, Richardson was the U.S. envoy to the United Nations and energy secretary under President Bill Clinton and served 14 years as a congressman representing northern New Mexico.
The history-making sailor who grew up on the South Side was the first Black man inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame.
In many cases, the circumstances surrounding the earlier shootings are strikingly similar to those reported in the Aug. 25 shooting at Guaranteed Rate Field.
Thomas said he was complying with new guidelines for reporting travel, but he did not include any earlier travel at billionaire Harlan Crow’s expense, including a 2019 trip to Indonesia aboard his yacht.
A judge in Fulton County allowed all related hearings and trials stemming from the investigation into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election to be live streamed and televised.
The Kentucky Republican’s health issues have fueled concern among senators about his ability to lead the party after he twice froze up while speaking in recent weeks.
Idalia made landfall at 7:45 a.m. as a high-end Category 3 hurricane with maximum winds near 125 mph. The system remained a hurricane as it crossed into Georgia.
The Lake Shore Hotel, where some migrants were housed this spring, would begin taking up to 300 asylum-seekers.
Millions brace for impact as Idalia is projected to come ashore, possibly as a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 129 mph. The area hasn’t had a hurricane since 1950.
Attorneys charged with former President Donald Trump in a Georgia election interference case could have a hard time arguing when they may have gone beyond advisory roles.
No evidence was ever produced that Keegan Casteel had nefarious intentions when a housekeeper found guns and ammunition in his room at the W Hotel on Lake Shore Drive.
Black Breastfeeding Week — which runs through Thursday — provides education and uplifts families who may face social and health care roadblocks to breastfeeding.
President Joe Biden says for many Americans the cost of one drug can be “the difference between life and death” as his administration announces the first drugs that’ll be targeted for price negotiations in an effort to cut Medicare costs.
In a White House meeting marking the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, President Joe Biden said ‘silence is complicity’ when dealing with acts of racism.
Mark Meadows’ lawyers argue that his actions around the 2020 election fell within his duties as a federal official.
Samuel Wurzelbacher, whose middle name was Joseph, became a media sensation in 2008 when he asked candidate Barack Obama about his tax plan. GOP Sen. John McCain referred to him in a presidential debate.
Hawaiian Electric Co. says a brush fire Aug. 8 ‘appears to have been caused by power lines that fell in high winds.’ But the firm says power was shut off before a larger blaze started later the same day and spread, causing devastation.
The tally at the world’s largest location for the coffee chain deals a blow to the aspirations of Workers United, part of the Service Employees International Union.
A host of Black civil rights leaders and a multiracial, interfaith coalition of allies will rally attendees on the same spot where as many as 250,000 gathered in 1963 for what is still considered one of the greatest and most consequential racial justice and equality demonstrations in U.S. history.
Two people from the Chicago area, Trevian Kutti and the Rev. Stephen Lee, were among those who turned themselves in Friday.