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Oscar winner delivers as usual, but she’s stuck in a plot that goes right off the tracks.
‘They have such great attitudes and work such hideous hours,’ co-star Amy Morton says of the production assistants.
Story of awkward gay girls trying to score has an edgy, cheerfully warped sense of humor
A reporter and a photographer for Univision Chicago had a camera, two bags containing equipment and a personal backpack stolen. No injuries were reported.
Barker commanded the show’s stage from 1972 to 2007. His tribute will be hosted by Drew Carey, his replacement and still the show’s host now.
Barker, also a longtime animal rights activist who retired in 2007, died Saturday morning.
For one day, all movies will be $4 at participating theaters in Chicago and elsewhere. Most theaters nationwide are taking part — more than 3,000, including the AMC and Regal chains.
Young Sunny Sandler plays a frazzled teen in Netflix film that leans wonderfully into the culture of the Jewish coming-of-age celebration.
Blockbuster film set in 1962 introduced rising stars and launched a soundtrack boom.
True story of a videogame champ Jann Mardenborough moving to the real track sometimes seems more like a corporate promo.
Constant clouds from cigarettes further obscure the film’s simplistic portrayal.
Amtrak’s popular children’s holiday ride returns in December. Actors will re-create the classic children’s tale, Santa will hand out gifts and carols will be sung.
Race against the clock slowed by ludicrous dialogue, obvious plot turns.
SAG-AFTRA has been on strike since July 13, when leaders voted to join screenwriters in the Writers Guild of America in the first joint strike in over six decades.
Bloody thriller, filmed in Chicago, makes some points about women in culture between the laughs and the shocks.
Heartbroken former players and their con-man coach reveal how Bishop Sycamore, a team attached to no actual school, lined up games against prep powerhouses.
The beloved theater in Rogers Park announced its closure on social media Friday.
Based on a real-life wrongful conviction case, the made-in-Chicago movie is turning 75 and will play at the Music Box Theatre’s Noir City festival.
Aunque es genial ver a un latino ser el centro del escenario, esta es una historia de origen con efectos visuales decepcionantes.
The local TV dance show became a cultural phenomenon that took the world by storm.
‘I’m in love with the city and always have been,’ says the Markham native, co-anchor for Fox 32 Chicago’s 5 and 9 p.m. newscasts
Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx have us howling as the chatty canines, but the joke wears thin and the tone turns dark.
While it’s great to see a Latino get center stage, this is a mostly by-the-numbers origin story with underwhelming VFX and a disappointingly cartoonish villain.