At the Table

The Chicago Sun-Times presents At the Table, a monthly political show that discusses the latest in local and national politics hosted by Lynn Sweet.

Lynn Sweet welcomed Rev. Wheeler Parker Jr., Emmett Till’s cousin and the last surviving witness to his lynching and Chris Benson, Till scholar and co-author of “A Few Days Full of Trouble…”
Lynn Sweet was joined by Miles Taylor, “Anonymous” Trump administration insider and author of the just released book, “Blowback: A Warning to Save Democracy from the Next Trump.”
Lynn Sweet was joined by New York Times White House reporter Peter Baker to discuss the GOP primary and co-authored book, The Divider: Trump in the White House 2017-2021.
Our host, Lynn Sweet, was joined by a political panel with Aviva Bowen, Tom Bowen, Becky Carroll, Alden Loury, Natalie Moore and Fran Spielman to discuss Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson’s election victory, plus the 2024 Democratic convention in Chicago.
Lynn Sweet was joined by freshmen in Congress, Jonathan Jackson and Delia Ramirez, and political strategists Aviva Bowen, Tom Bowen, Ron Holmes, Joanna Klonsky, Amy Qin, Tina Sfondeles and Fran Spielman to discuss the Chicago mayoral campaign.
Lynn Sweet was joined by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. as he started his second term as the Senate Judiciary Committee chair on January 12, 2023.
Lynn Sweet sat down with White House correspondent, April Ryan, to discuss her book, Black Women Will Save the World: An Anthem. Plus, Republican strategist Eleni Demertzis; Democratic strategist Ron Holmes; WBEZ state politics reporter Dave McKinney and Sun-Times chief political reporter Tina Sfondeles joined for a political panel on December 15, 2022.
Lynn Sweet hosted a post-election wrap-up with Ron Holmes, Tina Sfondeles and Dan Mihalopoulos. Plus, author Maggie Haberman joined to discuss her best seller on November 10, 2022.
Leading up to the midterm elections, Lynn Sweet was joined by bestselling author David Corn and a political panel with Tina Sfondeles, Dave McKinney and Dan Mihalopoulos on October 20.
Host Lynn Sweet was joined by best-selling author Tim Miller to discuss his book, Trump and the future of the Republican Party. Sweet also checked in on Highland Park, two months after the July 4 parade massacre.
For a special At The Table Primary Election Preview, our host Lynn Sweet was joined by the Sun-Times’ Tina Sfondeles and Fran Spielman and WBEZ’s Dave McKinney, Dan Mihalopoulos and Mariah Woelfel to discuss the latest on county, state and federal races on June 23, 2022.
Hosts Lynn Sweet and Laura Washington were joined by New York Times reporters and best-selling authors Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, Sun-Times political reporter Tina Sfondeles and WBEZ politics reporter Dave McKinney on May 19, 2022.
For the 100th anniversary of Harold Washington’s birth, Laura Washington and Lynn Sweet were joined by Jacky Grimshaw, Center for Neighborhood Technology; former U.S. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill; Peter Nolan, ex-NBC5 Chicago political reporter; Gary Rivlin, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Becky Vevea, WBEZ political reporter.
Sun-Times Federal Courts Reporter Jon Seidel, WBEZ Government & Politics Reporter Dan Mihalopoulos, Better Government Association Enterprise Reporter Rachel Hinton and former NATO Ambassador Ivo Daalder joined Lynn Sweet and Laura Washington At The Table on March 17 to discuss the indictment of former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and the latest on the Ukraine war.
CNN’s Laura Coates, former Republican Governor of Illinois Jim Edgar and WBEZ’s Dave McKinney joined our hosts At The Table on Feb. 17 for a conversation on Biden’s Supreme Court pick, the gubernatorial primary, key congressional races and Trump’s influence on state and national politics.
Guests Jonathan Karl, chief Washington correspondent for ABC News, Delmarie Cobb, media and political consultant and Dave McKinney, Illinois politics and government reporter for WBEZ, joined our hosts At the Table on Jan. 20.
Guests Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill. and Madeleine Doubek, Executive Director of Change Illinois, joined our hosts At the Virtual Table on Dec. 16.
Sen. Tammy Duckworth joined the Sun-Times At the Virtual Table Nov. 18 for a deep dive into the infrastructure bill and other pressing political issues for Illinois and the nation.
Featuring newsmaker guests Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, D-Ill. and David Wasserman, House Editor, Cook Political Report with Amy Walter
Featuring Robert Costa, national political reporter at the Washington Post and co-author, with Bob Woodward, of “Peril,” plus Sun-Times reporters Mitchell Armentrout and Tom Schuba.
Featuring newsmaker guests Illinois Senate President Don Harmon, State Rep. Kelly Cassidy and Rich Miller, publisher of CapitolFax.
Join Laura Washington and Lynn Sweet in conversation with Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, D-Ill., David Wasserman, House Editor, The Cook Political Report and Rachel Hinton, Sun-Times political reporter.
Join Laura Washington, Lynn Sweet and special guests on the next At the Table show.
Join Laura Washington and Lynn Sweet with special guests on At the Virtual Table.