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Ald. Bill Conway (34th) expressed concern about the lack of advance notice that migrants will again be housed at the Parthenon Guest House, 310 S. Halsted St., starting Friday.
Around 15,000 cyclists registered for the annual Bike the Drive, where Lake Shore’s ramps are closed to allow cyclists to enjoy the road without the roar and danger of drivers.
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History has not forgotten Chicago’s Haymarket Square Riot, a peaceful labor protest that morphed into mayhem and death. However, history’s fading ink can lose heroes along the way, specifically Illinois Gov. John P. Altgeld and the famous Illinois poet Vachel Lindsay.
A curtained-off portion of the airport has been used for months as a migrant shelter, and advocates worry about the conditions.
Four stickups occurred Tuesday between 11 p.m. and midnight.
The “club” started with a couple of young professionals jumping into the lake at Montrose Harbor to start off their busy weekends. Hundreds, then thousands, of young folks started joining them. Then the Park District weighed in.
He was Chicago’s first Latino police superintendent but was forced to resign in 1997 after coming under scrutiny for his friendship with a convicted felon.
Top Illinois Democrats are pushing the Biden White House on the issue, saying the move would also address labor shortages in the state and elsewhere. But the effort is complicated and nuanced.
A battalion chief and lieutenant were unharmed after fellow firefighters broke a window and got them out of the Auburn Gresham home, police said. The man had once been convicted of murder.
The major concerns residents reported were significant disruptions to traffic and access to Grant Park before, during and after race weekend.
No evidence was ever produced that Keegan Casteel had nefarious intentions when a housekeeper found guns and ammunition in his room at the W Hotel on Lake Shore Drive.
Lt. Kevin Ward is the third Chicago Fire Department member to die in the line of duty this year. “We haven’t healed from the last few deaths we’ve had,” Commissioner Annette Nance-Holt said. “We continue to try to lift each other up, but it’s hard when it keeps happening.”
A 3,000-square feet addition to the satellite campus will be called the Community Center for Teaching and Learning. Besides boosting student capacity by 50% to 2,000, the community center will also serve as an events space.
The first, located at a Kenwood hotel, is expected to open next week. The city’s real estate committee also approved the purchase of a former North Park Marine Corps site to become another shelter.
Organizers called for Illinois to allow safe-use sites, where people can use drugs under supervision of medical professionals and be guided toward recovery resources.
A Kentucky pharmaceutical company made the donation after seeing a TV news report on Matthew McFarland saving someone from overdosing at a West Side gas station.
Settling immigrants is: A.) an enormous strain; B.) a smart investment in Chicago’s future; or C.) both.
Vendors protested a plan to pause the popular market this week. A street closure permit was approved through the end of October, and the market operated as usual.
As he marks his first 100 days in office, Johnson has yet to give the public a sign of who he may choose to fill vacant top posts at planning, transportation, housing and public health.
The report from advocates for unhoused people comes as Mayor Brandon Johnson seeks to raise a tax on high-end property sales to fund services for unhoused people.
Chicago police found the group was “gathered peacefully,” but they remained at Montrose Harbor.
Anjanette Young received the Ida’s Legacy award for displaying ‘selfless courage’ in sharing her pain in public.
The complaint alleges Kia and Hyundai failed to equip their U.S. cars with anti-theft technology after a surge in thefts sparked by videos on TikTok and YouTube showing how to steal cars without keys.