Ald. Bill Conway (34th) expressed concern about the lack of advance notice that migrants will again be housed at the Parthenon Guest House, 310 S. Halsted St., starting Friday.
The Kentucky Republican’s health issues have fueled concern among senators about his ability to lead the party after he twice froze up while speaking in recent weeks.
The Lake Shore Hotel, where some migrants were housed this spring, would begin taking up to 300 asylum-seekers.
All 61 employees affected by the layoffs were offered their jobs back, 24 accepted and the others will receive back pay for the time they spent unemployed, the health center said.
Black Breastfeeding Week — which runs through Thursday — provides education and uplifts families who may face social and health care roadblocks to breastfeeding.
President Joe Biden says for many Americans the cost of one drug can be “the difference between life and death” as his administration announces the first drugs that’ll be targeted for price negotiations in an effort to cut Medicare costs.
Organizers called for Illinois to allow safe-use sites, where people can use drugs under supervision of medical professionals and be guided toward recovery resources.
A Kentucky pharmaceutical company made the donation after seeing a TV news report on Matthew McFarland saving someone from overdosing at a West Side gas station.
Settling immigrants is: A.) an enormous strain; B.) a smart investment in Chicago’s future; or C.) both.
Cooler temperatures Sunday made for better running and cycling conditions. As a precaution, the swimming event was canceled as waves of 3 to 6 feet were predicted.
Emotional support animals — sometimes referred to as comfort or assistance animals — offer companionship and can help manage depression, anxiety and specific phobias, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.
El Equipo Móvil de Salud para Migrantes empezó a trabajar a principios de mayo con unos pocos estudiantes de medicina y médicos, y ha crecido hasta contar con unos 200 voluntarios.
Potentially millions of people across the U.S. showed so-called long-COVID symptoms in 2020 even though they initially tested negative for the virus back then, researchers find.
The individual, who was in their 90s, had an “onset of symptoms” of the virus earlier this month and died shortly after, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.
Chicago has laws for landlords to keep all apartments warm during the winter but does not have a similar blanket rule to keep them cool during the summer.
Jillian Schappa, 31, died Monday afternoon. She was found Saturday in an alley in Uptown, police said. She told first responders that she had been pushed out of a window.
Higher temps have been linked to lower motivation, higher suicide rates, higher ER visits for mental health reasons and poorer test scores for high schoolers.
PickleMall Inc., which recently opened a 24-court site in Arizona, is looking to convert a vacant space in Vernon Hills as part of its plan to open 50 centers in two years.
With high heat expected starting Tuesday, the city’s cooling centers will be open, and residents are advised to stay indoors and stay hydrated.
Katie Couric returns to tonight’s special after her own breast cancer diagnosis.
The new model means patients will no longer get to choose if a midwife or doctor supervises their pregnancy. Instead, midwives and doctors will work together.
Including previous filings, the total number of suits filed against Duly Health and Care and Dr. Vernon Cannon will be 53, according to a law firm representing patients.