Immigration news, from Chicago’s neighborhoods to America’s borders, including legal, political and humanitarian coverage.

Ald. Bill Conway (34th) expressed concern about the lack of advance notice that migrants will again be housed at the Parthenon Guest House, 310 S. Halsted St., starting Friday.
A curtained-off portion of the airport has been used for months as a migrant shelter, and advocates worry about the conditions.
Top Illinois Democrats are pushing the Biden White House on the issue, saying the move would also address labor shortages in the state and elsewhere. But the effort is complicated and nuanced.
La Municipalidad está tomando medidas para abrir un par de nuevos refugios, uno en el lado sur y otro en el lado norte.
A Texan complains about immigrants doing what his whole county does.
Los migrantes tienen que esperar al menos 150 días después de presentar una solicitud de asilo para solicitar un permiso de trabajo.
The first, located at a Kenwood hotel, is expected to open next week. The city’s real estate committee also approved the purchase of a former North Park Marine Corps site to become another shelter.
El grupo ha insinuado la posibilidad de cerrar durante meses, ya que el esfuerzo ha sido apoyado completamente por donaciones y voluntarios.
Actualmente hay unos 30 inmigrantes alojados en la estación de Ogden y 30 en la estación de Town Hall.
Settling immigrants is: A.) an enormous strain; B.) a smart investment in Chicago’s future; or C.) both.
El Equipo Móvil de Salud para Migrantes empezó a trabajar a principios de mayo con unos pocos estudiantes de medicina y médicos, y ha crecido hasta contar con unos 200 voluntarios.
Most migrants must wait 150 days after filing for asylum to apply for a work permit and can’t get that until their application has been pending at least 30 days, often longer.
The Ogden and Town Hall police districts had been emptied due to allegations of sexual misconduct. The city said a rising number of immigrants arriving has forced them to reuse the stations.
John Catanzara, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said he’s fed up with having Chicago police officers “babysit” migrants at district stations.
The state, we think, should be more aggressive in coordinating efforts to find suburbs, or even downstate communities, willing to take in asylum seekers.
Carolina y Abraham se unen a los miles de personas que han llegado a Chicago en el último año procedentes de América Latina. El lunes, el niño pasó a cuarto grado.
Todo Para Todos, an independent shelter in Pilsen, is set to close on Sept. 3, due to staffing and insurance-related reasons. They’re aiming to house 80 remaining residents by then.
Alrededor de 10 niños habían caminado a una escuela de Woodlawn sólo para ser rechazados por los administradores, dijo un voluntario. Pero CPS disputa las alegaciones, diciendo que una de las familias tenía un formulario vencido que retrasó el proceso.
GOP governors want to use the crisis to embarrass Democratic mayors, said Cristina Pacione-Zayas, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s deputy chief of staff.
About 10 children had walked to a Woodlawn school only to be turned away by administrators, a volunteer said. But CPS disputes the allegations, saying one of the families had an outdated form that stalled the process.
Without more intervention at the local, state and national levels, we will remain in a fight we cannot win to care for the busloads of asylum seekers who continue to arrive in Chicago. We are in a state of emergency.
A bill co-sponsored by U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin could add hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to the country’s tech labor market, boxing out American workers hit by recent tech layoffs.