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After seeing “Oppenheimer,” I have become more certain than ever that we must begin looking at the bomb — at all nuclear weapons — in a more nuanced and honest way if our world is to remain livable, writes retired history professor James Huffman.
The five state pension systems collectively have a staggering unfunded liability of $139 billion, and Chicago’s unfunded liability of $35.4 billion.
Historic markers in a southwest suburb remind us of the role scientists at the University of Chicago played in building the atomic bomb and how that legacy affects us all.
Chicago’s sordid history has taken away our boys’ and girls’ abilities to be kids. It has robbed our city of its potential.
Nationally, the total average daily rate for breakfast participation in schools went up by 11.2% in 2022 compared with 2021. In Illinois, it went down by 6.6%, according to the Food Research and Action Center.
In some grades at certain schools, an analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute found that not a single student meets grade-level standards. The board also needs to take a hard look at finances and building utilization.
Steroids or not, the home run chase of 25 years ago was an exciting season. ‘Gould’s Law’ shows it was also a statistical aberration.
Social media can bring us closer together and help us communicate. But for kids, unchecked use can have a negative impact.
If NU successfully pushes the proposed new stadium through Evanston City Council, the wounds to the community will take generations to heal, lawyer Steven Harper writes.
If we hesitate to capitalize on this opportunity, other states won’t, putting at risk the jobs that could have been anchored right here in Illinois.
A key question is what can be done to make algorithms foster accurate human social learning rather than exploit social learning biases.
Without more intervention at the local, state and national levels, we will remain in a fight we cannot win to care for the busloads of asylum seekers who continue to arrive in Chicago. We are in a state of emergency.
A bill co-sponsored by U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin could add hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to the country’s tech labor market, boxing out American workers hit by recent tech layoffs.
Further attempts to sabotage the Pretrial Fairness Act would disregard the will of many Illinoisans and jeopardize public safety, a top ACLU official writes.
Neither the Georgia indictment nor the federal case will lead directly to his exclusion from office, a University of Chicago law professor writes. But ultimately, the two cases might have very different consequences.
Most schools are underprepared to manage the trauma students experience from violence in the community and then bring to the classroom. Kids need more outreach, mentoring and activities.
The bill the governor vetoed would have opened the door to negative environmental impacts and higher costs for consumers while jeopardizing progress toward Illinois’ clean energy future.
We need to have a national conversation about measuring elected officials’ physical and mental-brain health, balancing the public’s right to know with the person’s right to privacy.
Navigator Heartland Greenway LLC is trying to gaslight us into believing that CO2 pipelines are always safe.
In this sophistry, the GOP’s lack of moral courage to oppose Trump appears virtuous, actions to hold him legally accountable seem wrong, and Trump’s perfidy is meant to look innocuous if not somehow patriotic.
Mental health care has surged as a policy priority, but the nation, including Illinois, faces an alarming shortage of mental health professionals.
While HB 3751 was presented as an “option” for law enforcement departments, it’s actually a mandate to hire non-citizens as police officers.
At a family party in Wisconsin in 2018, my cousin, the family chronicler, said, “Your father didn’t die from smoking. He died from exposure to toxins at Oak Ridge.”
The opening pages read as if the billionaire sponsor of the project, Pat Ryan, had written them himself.