Andy Grimm

Staff reporter

Andy Grimm is a staff reporter covering courts.

Alexander Villa was convicted of gunning down Lewis during the armed robbery of a convenience store at Division Street and Austin Boulevard, where Lewis was working as a security guard.
The sentencing of Alexander Villa, found guilty at trial for the 2011 murder of Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis in 2019, has been scheduled for Monday.
Alexander Villa’s lawyers cited emails they claim show cops and prosecutors withheld evidence like cellphone data showing the suspects were not at the crime scene when Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis was killed.
Lawyers for Alexander Villa, Edgardo Colon and Tyrone Clay, suspected of killing a CPD officer, say the state’s attorney’s office is covering up prosecutors’ misconduct.
A 2015 suit mandated court oversight of the Chicago Police Department’s stop-and-frisk practices, but civil rights groups say there are holes in a proposed deal to merge the case into a consent decree governing the department.
Murod Kurdi was struck and killed by a motorist who told police she’d previously been drinking. She refused a Breathalyzer and was ticketed and released.
Judge Timothy Joyce denied a motion to replace the trial judge in gunman Alexander Villa’s case before sentencing.
Alexander Villa, awaiting sentencing after a 2019 trial verdict, has said police and prosecutors hid evidence from his lawyers.
After a judge ordered a veteran’s financial accounts off-limits, former Judge Patricia Martin allegedly transferred about $1,200 from cryptocurrency accounts she set up using money she allegedly stole from Oscar Wilkerson.