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He helped develop the first robotic prosthetic arm that gave realistic touch feedback, enabling a man, paralyzed from the chest down, to distinguish between touches on individual fingers and the palm of a robotic hand.
In a recording posted last week, Chicago State board chair Andrea Zopp justifies the bonus to Zaldwaynaka Scott in part by citing her handling of the strike this year.
The staff at the Humboldt Park high school announced a Sept. 6 strike deadline at a Wednesday rally.
The Lake Shore Hotel, where some migrants were housed this spring, would begin taking up to 300 asylum-seekers.
A 3,000-square feet addition to the satellite campus will be called the Community Center for Teaching and Learning. Besides boosting student capacity by 50% to 2,000, the community center will also serve as an events space.
Nationally, the total average daily rate for breakfast participation in schools went up by 11.2% in 2022 compared with 2021. In Illinois, it went down by 6.6%, according to the Food Research and Action Center.
Organizers called for Illinois to allow safe-use sites, where people can use drugs under supervision of medical professionals and be guided toward recovery resources.
Emotional support animals — sometimes referred to as comfort or assistance animals — offer companionship and can help manage depression, anxiety and specific phobias, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.
More than 400,000 Illinois residents — about 3% of the population — have less than a ninth-grade education, and about 900,000 adults older than 25 don’t have a high school diploma, according to state figures.
CPS officials said this month that they still had not caught up with the bus driver shortage despite increasing driver wages and hosting several job fairs.
Chicago Public Schools removed the portable air conditioning units and replaced them as record heat bore down across the region Thursday.
Diana Llamas was a caddie at Ridgemoor Country Club last year when pro golfer Viktor Hovland sank a hole-in-one at the BMW Championship. His feat opened her door to U of I.
More neighborhood, evening meetings are scheduled to provide better access for students and parents with daytime work schedules than workday meetings in the Loop.
A student was shot dead off-campus this month. The use of a single weapons detection device each at the Highland Park and Deerfield campuses is inadequate, parents say.
Despite his many accolades, the 16-year-old champion didn’t set out to be a boxer — that was the passion of his father. Now several wins later, the younger Awinongya faces new challenges, including a new weight class where tougher opponents await and college classes.
Temperatures are expected to hit the mid-90s with dangerous heat indexes soaring up to 115 degrees, the National Weather Service said.
Alrededor de 10 niños habían caminado a una escuela de Woodlawn sólo para ser rechazados por los administradores, dijo un voluntario. Pero CPS disputa las alegaciones, diciendo que una de las familias tenía un formulario vencido que retrasó el proceso.
The Sun-Times and WBEZ’s coverage of Chicago Public Schools’ first day back to classes for the 2023-24 school year.
After a seemingly quick summer break and ahead of a forecast heatwave this week, students, parents and leaders kick off the school year with “the same level of energy across the whole city of Chicago,” Mayor Brandon Johnson said Monday.
About 10 children had walked to a Woodlawn school only to be turned away by administrators, a volunteer said. But CPS disputes the allegations, saying one of the families had an outdated form that stalled the process.
Intensive ‘high dosage’ tutoring is a research-backed strategy, University of Chicago Education Lab experts tell us. It’s a way for Chicago Public Schools to directly address what school is all about: learning.
Chicago Public School students head back Monday after one of the shortest summer breaks in memory, with the school system again moving its return earlier into August.
Chicago Public Schools open Monday with a new mayor and a school board who want to shake up how the school district is run.
“I don’t really think about being old,” the campus celebrity who has captured the hearts of those in Chicago and beyond told the Chicago Sun-Times in an interview.
Thousands of new English-learning students joined CPS last year. Thousands more are expected this year. CPS is trying to find a way to reach them all.
‘What a horrible way to start a school year,’ said math teacher Susan Casey, who taught the girl last year. Serabi, who prosecutors say was deliberately shot, was remembered as a funny and outgoing child.