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Everything about this game was strange, starting with a matchup of bottom-of-the-barrel teams taking place in a national CBS telecast on a Sunday.
After two rebuilds over a decade, fans deserve the excitement of a division race.
History has not forgotten Chicago’s Haymarket Square Riot, a peaceful labor protest that morphed into mayhem and death. However, history’s fading ink can lose heroes along the way, specifically Illinois Gov. John P. Altgeld and the famous Illinois poet Vachel Lindsay.
The Illini have the roster and the momentum to swing for the fences in the lesser, and very winnable, division.
Big Game Hunting: Week 1 picks for Toledo-Illinois, Northern Illinois-Boston College, Ohio State-Indiana, Northwestern-Rutgers and more.
Villains spoil McCall’s retirement in entertaining franchise entry that works as modern-day ‘Death Wish.’
The five state pension systems collectively have a staggering unfunded liability of $139 billion, and Chicago’s unfunded liability of $35.4 billion.
The “club” started with a couple of young professionals jumping into the lake at Montrose Harbor to start off their busy weekends. Hundreds, then thousands, of young folks started joining them. Then the Park District weighed in.
The anti-abortion movement should shift its focus from the law to helping women who only consider abortion because they’re desperate and really would choose life for their babies if they had some help.
Reading about West Virginia University’s plan to solve a budgetary shortfall by eliminating the study of foreign languages, it occurred to me the entire purpose of a college education has been turned inside out since my undergraduate days.
“I know I’m not great,” Ross told the Sun-Times. “But I want to be great.”
Former President Donald Trump’s big mouth has undoubtedly helped him politically. But it’s inarguably hurt everyone around him, including the dozens of other defendants in his cases and convicted Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol.
Oscar winner delivers as usual, but she’s stuck in a plot that goes right off the tracks.
A court decision against a Louisiana man who made a COVID joke illustrates the continuing influence of a misbegotten, century-old analogy that is frequently used as an excuse to punish or censor constitutionally protected speech.
The bad baseball and the shootings in the ballpark might have brought people to their breaking point.
Story of awkward gay girls trying to score has an edgy, cheerfully warped sense of humor
A Texan complains about immigrants doing what his whole county does.
There are so many things wrong here, it’s hard to know where to start. If the players and fans weren’t warned of a possible threat just to keep business moving, that’s unconscionable.
Six days before the Wildcats’ opener at Rutgers, Braun explained — poorly — that he was taking the completely unusual step of barring players from interviews during a game week.
People in frontline communities flooded by more intense storms, choked by industrial pollution and scorched by wildfires always come out on the short end.
Wheeler Parker, minister of a suburban Argo church, talks about Emmett Till’s 1955 lynching and brutal murder by white supremacists in Mississippi — and what triggered it.
Settling immigrants is: A.) an enormous strain; B.) a smart investment in Chicago’s future; or C.) both.
In Black neighborhoods that are growing economically — including in Greater Bronzeville — Black population is on the decline. It’s almost like the only way to shatter the economic glass ceiling is for a neighborhood to shed its Blackness, Alden Loury writes.
Obviously, there is no precedent for prosecuting a former U.S. president alongside enough fellow defendants to field opposing baseball lineups. But Chicago trial attorney Dan K. Webb remembers a Chicago trial with even more defendants.