Neil Steinberg


Neil Steinberg is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Rich guys pay to plaster names over stuff all the time; maybe one will free us of a name we see too much already.
The “club” started with a couple of young professionals jumping into the lake at Montrose Harbor to start off their busy weekends. Hundreds, then thousands, of young folks started joining them. Then the Park District weighed in.
A Texan complains about immigrants doing what his whole county does.
Settling immigrants is: A.) an enormous strain; B.) a smart investment in Chicago’s future; or C.) both.
Waymo autonomous taxis are working the streets of San Francisco and Phoenix, now, soon to add LA and, eventually, Chicago.
With Chicago’s temperature spiking to around 100, a visit to that sun-baked spot in the Southwest.
Like our disgraced former governor, Chicago’s current mayor thinks he can quote his way out of a tight spot.
Water department workers make sure that when the fire department opens a hydrant, something comes out.
In a survey of death rituals around the world at the Field Museum, one culture missed the boat across the River Styx.