News from the Illinois state legislature, governor and lawmakers in Springfield.

History has not forgotten Chicago’s Haymarket Square Riot, a peaceful labor protest that morphed into mayhem and death. However, history’s fading ink can lose heroes along the way, specifically Illinois Gov. John P. Altgeld and the famous Illinois poet Vachel Lindsay.
Terminally ill or medically incapacitated prisoners can apply for early release. But the Illinois Prisoner Review Board has denied twice as many requests as it OK’d — and seven prisoners died months after their applications were rejected, an Injustice Watch / WBEZ investigation found.
Secretary of State’s office launches program to speed customer service at Illinois’ busiest driver’s license service facilities.
In a recording posted last week, Chicago State board chair Andrea Zopp justifies the bonus to Zaldwaynaka Scott in part by citing her handling of the strike this year.
In 2018, the Illinois attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit against the hotel, accusing it of violating environmental laws by polluting the Chicago River.
Three top officials at IEMA, the state agency tasked with responding to disasters across the state including the COVID pandemic and a record number of tornadoes this year, were pushed out late last month.
He has taken some heat for vetoing legislation to eliminate the state’s decades-old moratorium on new nuclear power reactors.
More than 400,000 Illinois residents — about 3% of the population — have less than a ninth-grade education, and about 900,000 adults older than 25 don’t have a high school diploma, according to state figures.
The complaint alleges Kia and Hyundai failed to equip their U.S. cars with anti-theft technology after a surge in thefts sparked by videos on TikTok and YouTube showing how to steal cars without keys.
The individual, who was in their 90s, had an “onset of symptoms” of the virus earlier this month and died shortly after, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.
In Illinois, many current and former Republicans are steering clear of weighing in on Donald Trump’s absence from Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee.
Chicago Public Schools open Monday with a new mayor and a school board who want to shake up how the school district is run.
Mapes, once chief of staff for former House Speaker Mike Madigan, faces up to 20 years in prison for an obstruction of justice charge and another five years for perjury.
Shauntele Pridgeon is accused of fraudulently approving 14 people to be foster parents, then sending them $3.2 million despite them knowing they wouldn’t be caring for foster children.
Fairgoers have chowed down on various forms of copi, better known until last year as Asian carp, the invasive fish that has wreaked havoc on Illinois ecosystems. Copi rangoon, sliders or empanadas, anyone?
Illinois Republicans didn’t mention former President Donald Trump in their speeches. “Why is it always about Donald Trump?” state House Republican Leader Tony McCombie asked reporters. “Let’s talk about Illinois.”
Plummeting valuations for Chicago office properties will mean a tax hike for all homeowners — not just the ones with high-end houses, office building owners say.
The Sun-Times went downstate to sample the saturated-fat smorgasbord — for better, or worse. Some felt oh-so wrong, but right at home in Springfield.
The state’s top Democrats gathered in Springfield for Governor’s Day — ripping Illinois Republicans for their support of former President Donald Trump.
An autopsy was inconclusive for the child, Jismary González, who would have turned 4 next week. She died Aug. 10 on a chartered bus in southern Illinois.
There is hope that a solution will be found and Serabi Medina’s funeral will be covered by the state.
The 4-3 decision was handed down in a lawsuit by a central Illinois lawmaker who argued the ban violates the state constitution.