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‘Every step of the way I was almost like, “This isn’t actually going to happen,” ’ Austin Paramore said of his journey to get his graphic novel published.
Nearly 80,000 people gathered in the Nevada desert for the annual arts and wilderness celebration were stuck in mud without working toilets and vehicle traffic shut down.
Around 15,000 cyclists registered for the annual Bike the Drive, where Lake Shore’s ramps are closed to allow cyclists to enjoy the road without the roar and danger of drivers.
Buffett passed away at his home in Sag Harbor, Long Island, after battling Merkel Cell Skin Cancer for four years.
Is there a nice way to ask him to stop revving the engine on our street?
After several years of COVID cancellations, the annual game between historically Black colleges and universities returned to Soldier Field along with its scholarships and other programming.
The disclosure is the latest worrisome act from a mother-in-law who also is trying to give her toddler grandchild unwelcome religious instruction.
Steppenwolf’s troubles make it clear that City Hall, business leaders and the philanthropic community must now work together to help preserve live theater.
He helped develop the first robotic prosthetic arm that gave realistic touch feedback, enabling a man, paralyzed from the chest down, to distinguish between touches on individual fingers and the palm of a robotic hand.
La banda mexicana comparte programa este 3 de septiembre con Panteón Rococó, El Gran Silencio, Haragán & Cía., Nunca Jamás y Enanitos Verdes.
The digital lottery system offers a limited number of tickets so Chicagoans can see the musical about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton without breaking the bank. Here’s how to not throw away your shot at the coveted tickets.
The 30-mile loop runs from the Museum of Science and Industry to West Bryn Mawr Avenue.
Woman considers plastic surgery to feel better about her looks.
Villains spoil McCall’s retirement in entertaining franchise entry that works as modern-day ‘Death Wish.’
Lucia Spina’s performance can feel shockingly down to earth for a stage mother whose delusions of grandeur are her one constant.
AMC Theaters, anticipating high demand from Swift fans, said the film will play at least four times a day Thursday, Fridays, Saturday and Sundays at all of its U.S. locations.
The iconic Chicago theater company is the latest of many arts outlets dealing with fallout from the pandemic.
Girl’s anxiety and a language barrier hinder her from approaching other teens and building a social life.
Hotheaded hustler on the Starz series is back to facing off against the Flynns, CBI — and his mom.