Climate news, including natural resources, endangered species, sustainability and conservation in Chicago.

Idalia made landfall at 7:45 a.m. as a high-end Category 3 hurricane with maximum winds near 125 mph. The system remained a hurricane as it crossed into Georgia.
Wednesday’s blue moon also was a super moon, which means that it was at the perigee of its elliptical orbit — about 18,000 miles closer to Earth than average.
In 2018, the Illinois attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit against the hotel, accusing it of violating environmental laws by polluting the Chicago River.
Millions brace for impact as Idalia is projected to come ashore, possibly as a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 129 mph. The area hasn’t had a hurricane since 1950.
Local birders now must wait to see if Imani, Searocket, Prickly Pear or Wild Indigo return next year. They’re especially concerned about Searocket, who left before they could remove some fishing line caught on the bird’s leg.
People in frontline communities flooded by more intense storms, choked by industrial pollution and scorched by wildfires always come out on the short end.
Illinois and Chicago should kick up their efforts to protect and improve the state’s environment.
Cooler temperatures Sunday made for better running and cycling conditions. As a precaution, the swimming event was canceled as waves of 3 to 6 feet were predicted.
Southside Recycling, formerly General Iron, wants a judge to order City Hall to give it an operating permit.
Decenas de residentes expresaron su preocupación por la destrucción planeada de las enormes estructuras del lado suroeste.
Dozens of residents voiced concerns about the planned destruction of the massive Southwest Side structures along the river.
On Monday, 16-year-old mom Adia gave birth to a female newborn weighing more than 105 pounds. The foal is taking baby steps and will eventually grow to 850 pounds.
Temperatures Wednesday are expected to climb to near 100 degrees, forecasters said. When combined with humidity, heat index values could reach as high as 115 degrees. Thursday’s conditions will be similar.
Higher temps have been linked to lower motivation, higher suicide rates, higher ER visits for mental health reasons and poorer test scores for high schoolers.
If we hesitate to capitalize on this opportunity, other states won’t, putting at risk the jobs that could have been anchored right here in Illinois.
With high heat expected starting Tuesday, the city’s cooling centers will be open, and residents are advised to stay indoors and stay hydrated.
Arnieta gave birth to a female calf Saturday after being on baby watch for 15 months. The calf stands at about 6 feet tall and weighs about 130 pounds, the zoo said.
While no Republicans in Congress voted for the $350 billion clean energy package, jobs are being spread across red and blue states via the Inflation Reduction Act.
Cook County residents whose homes were damaged in record-setting rainfall in June and July can apply for federal funds to help cover losses. The deadline is Oct. 16.
On the northwest corner of S&C Electric Co.’s 46-acre campus, the garden features 45 plant species and serves as a safe haven for birds, butterflies and bees.
Herman Andaya, citing unspecified health concerns, steps down a day after saying he has no regrets about not activating warning sirens as a fast-moving wildfire bore down on the seaside community of Lahaina.
A 15-pound male addax was born Aug. 8. Zoo officials say there are only about 100 addax left in the wild.
A plane carrying 24,000 pounds in supplies left O’Hare International Airport on Wednesday. The aircraft will return carrying passengers fleeing Maui.
The cause of the deadly wildfire is under investigation. FEMA opened its first disaster recovery center on Maui, and President Joe Biden will visit Monday to survey the damage.