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“We couldn’t execute this game,” Interim coach/general manager Emre Vatansever said. “They really turned it up and we just couldn’t respond to it. We should have, but we couldn’t.”
Equal Play
“You gotta be scrappy,” Dana Evans said. “You have to have something to you, and I think that’s what makes the group special.”
Under interim coach/general manager Emre Vatansever, the Sky have gone 8-12 with two losing streaks of four games or more.
Her late-game heroics have Sky in contention for final berth
Coming into Tuesday’s game, the Sky were a game and a half behind the Sparks for the eighth and final playoff spot. What gives the Sparks an edge as both teams continue their playoff pushes is their rosters’ collective experience winning championships.
“I feel like we could have finished at least five,” Copper said. “If you look at some of the losses we’ve taken, I know there’s stuff we could have done better.”
In the last five games, Evans’ production has spiked. She’s averaging 14.4 points and 4.4 assists in 21 minutes
The victory moved the Sky 1 1/2 games behind the Sparks in the battle for eighth and final playoff spot and added to the importance of the matchup between the teams Tuesday in Los Angeles.
“For me, [the remaining schedule] is about playing hard and showing them what I can do,” Hebard said. “Hopefully, I’ll be in Chicago because I love Chicago.”
The Pelicans hired Weatherspoon, 57, as a two-way player-development coach in 2019, the same year she was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and kept her as an assistant for four years before releasing her in June.
“We need to take care of business,” interim coach/general manager Emre Vatansever said. “We play Seattle and Los Angeles on the road now. That’s our focus.”
Beyond the 2023 season, there’s nothing but uncertainty regarding Copper’s status in Chicago unless the Sky can sign her to a deal.
While the Sky puts off addressing the two of the most critically important roles to a professional sports franchise — coach and general manager — questions about their roster only grow more concerning.
Dana Evans led the Sky with 23 points, shooting 7-for-11 from the field, including 4-for-6 from three-point range. Marina Mabrey added 19 points and Alanna Smith 14.
“You always take the call,” Chatman told the Sun-Times. “But I’m also not chasing a chair.”
It’s not that the Sky are playing below their capabilities. This team was not built to be successful. At its best, the Sky could barely make the playoffs. If the season ended today, they wouldn’t.
The Sky (12-20) dropped 1 1/2 games behind the Sparks in the battle for the eighth and final spot in the WNBA playoffs.
We also asked which Bears running back excites you most — Khalil Herbert, D’Onta Foreman or Roschon Johnson — and whether or not the Sky will make the WNBA playoffs.
The result left the Sky (12-19) a half-game behind the Sparks in the battle for the eighth and final playoff spot.
Since interim coach/general manager Emre Vatansever took over for James Wade after his abrupt resignation, the Sky have gone 5-9. Their most recent three-game losing streak has them on the brink of falling out of playoff contention with just 10 games left in the season.
The Cubs co-owner also has an ownership stake in the WNBA’s Sky.
“It’s one of those trades that worked out for both teams,” Mystics GM Mike Thibault said. “Kah has become a focal part of their team, but she still would have looked good in our uniform.”
“We weren’t prepared well, and that is my responsibility,” interim coach/general manager Emre Vatansever said. “I take ownership of that. I could have prepared them well, and I didn’t.”
“Experiences are your best teachers,” Courtney Williams said, “being so close, getting our feelings hurt by the end of the game. We are just going to keep getting our feelings hurt until we figure it out.”
“We forced them to have a high level of communication,” Sky interim coach/general manager Emre Vatansever said. “That shows us in the game that we can talk to each other during huddles, during actions. That was our goal.”