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Around 15,000 cyclists registered for the annual Bike the Drive, where Lake Shore’s ramps are closed to allow cyclists to enjoy the road without the roar and danger of drivers.
Before his election in 2002 as governor, Richardson was the U.S. envoy to the United Nations and energy secretary under President Bill Clinton and served 14 years as a congressman representing northern New Mexico.
Police data show murders are continuing to fall, but the numbers through August remain elevated from what was typical just a few years ago.
History has not forgotten Chicago’s Haymarket Square Riot, a peaceful labor protest that morphed into mayhem and death. However, history’s fading ink can lose heroes along the way, specifically Illinois Gov. John P. Altgeld and the famous Illinois poet Vachel Lindsay.
Secretary of State’s office launches program to speed customer service at Illinois’ busiest driver’s license service facilities.
Thomas said he was complying with new guidelines for reporting travel, but he did not include any earlier travel at billionaire Harlan Crow’s expense, including a 2019 trip to Indonesia aboard his yacht.
Four stickups occurred Tuesday between 11 p.m. and midnight.
A judge in Fulton County allowed all related hearings and trials stemming from the investigation into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election to be live streamed and televised.
The Kentucky Republican’s health issues have fueled concern among senators about his ability to lead the party after he twice froze up while speaking in recent weeks.
The “club” started with a couple of young professionals jumping into the lake at Montrose Harbor to start off their busy weekends. Hundreds, then thousands, of young folks started joining them. Then the Park District weighed in.
This could help people whose Medicare drug plans require big copayments. But the main relief will come from part of the Inflation Reduction Act that caps drug spending by Medicare recipients at $2,000 a year starting in 2025.
He was Chicago’s first Latino police superintendent but was forced to resign in 1997 after coming under scrutiny for his friendship with a convicted felon.
Top Illinois Democrats are pushing the Biden White House on the issue, saying the move would also address labor shortages in the state and elsewhere. But the effort is complicated and nuanced.
The Lake Shore Hotel, where some migrants were housed this spring, would begin taking up to 300 asylum-seekers.
Unions “built the middle class,” the first lady said outside McCormick Place. “And that’s why Joe is fighting for unions, so that workers can fight for what they need: better pay, safer working conditions, flexibility and health care.”
The major concerns residents reported were significant disruptions to traffic and access to Grant Park before, during and after race weekend.
Millions brace for impact as Idalia is projected to come ashore, possibly as a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 129 mph. The area hasn’t had a hurricane since 1950.
Attorneys charged with former President Donald Trump in a Georgia election interference case could have a hard time arguing when they may have gone beyond advisory roles.
A Texan complains about immigrants doing what his whole county does.
Organizers of the popular meetup at Montrose Harbor said they were calling off the swims after police showed up at last week’s ‘unofficial’ gathering.