Mitch Dudek

Staff reporter

Mitch Dudek is a staff reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times.

‘Every step of the way I was almost like, “This isn’t actually going to happen,” ’ Austin Paramore said of his journey to get his graphic novel published.
He rose from barking at passers-by on Michigan Avenue to take a boat ride, first to deckhand and ultimately a long career piloting sightseeing and architecture cruises.
He helped develop the first robotic prosthetic arm that gave realistic touch feedback, enabling a man, paralyzed from the chest down, to distinguish between touches on individual fingers and the palm of a robotic hand.
The Loop lunchtime crowd can catch a Friday show by bands and dancers in town for the game Saturday at Soldier Field.
‘They have such great attitudes and work such hideous hours,’ co-star Amy Morton says of the production assistants.
He rocked hard with the Effigies, oversaw grand juries for the state attorney general’s office and survived the Highland Park Fourth of July parade massacre with a graze wound.
Ms. Rayner comforted thousands of families as funeral director and co-owner of A.A. Rayner and Sons Funeral Home on the South Side.
If you sat at the card table with Mr. Lewis, it was war — doesn’t matter that you are in short pants, he’d tell his kids.
La canción debutó en 1998 con la Parte I, pero cuando se lanzó la Parte II en 2000, se convirtió en un fenómeno internacional.