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With crashes involving cyclists on the rise and climate change leaving little choice but to find alternatives to fossil-burning cars, it’s time City Hall made upgrading cycling infrastructure a priority.
Steppenwolf’s troubles make it clear that City Hall, business leaders and the philanthropic community must now work together to help preserve live theater.
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It’s a dangerous moment for a society when the very places that should be sources of ideas and community are held hostage by nameless individuals.
There is a shake-up in leadership at the Chicago-based National Association of Realtors, and we’d say it’s way overdue.
No one needs to physically rob a bank at gunpoint anymore when a person can impersonate a fraud prevention specialist and sweet talk bank customers into handing over their life savings.
Politicians won’t act until they are forced to.
Illinois and Chicago should kick up their efforts to protect and improve the state’s environment.
As he marks his first 100 days in office, Johnson has yet to give the public a sign of who he may choose to fill vacant top posts at planning, transportation, housing and public health.
The state, we think, should be more aggressive in coordinating efforts to find suburbs, or even downstate communities, willing to take in asylum seekers.
In one case, a Citi — or Citibank — executive allegedly used the sheen and reputation of a respected business to fleece her victims with a movie-making scam.
If officials have to take out the pencils and banker’s eyeshades to solve the $730 million fiscal cliff anyway, why not find the will to fund a transformation of Metra?
With Chicago-area temperatures expected to skyrocket later this week, we must take the necessary precautions and ensure that others are also able to stay cool.
Intensive ‘high dosage’ tutoring is a research-backed strategy, University of Chicago Education Lab experts tell us. It’s a way for Chicago Public Schools to directly address what school is all about: learning.
Chicago’s public sculpture portfolio is bigger than Cloud Gate. And now is as good a time as any to get around town and see some of it.
The interrogation process for minors will likely take longer if lawyers must be present. But that’s preferable to the consequences of a child’s false confession.
La respuesta para estas iglesias tiene que ser mejor que cerrar las puertas con candado.
That a judge would sign off on a search warrant allowing the preposterous and possibly illegal raids exemplifies just how quickly the First Amendment rights of journalists can be trampled on.
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had to step forward, given the brazenness of the alleged actions, including charges that Trump’s allies tried to tamper with one county’s voting machines.
Mayor Brandon Johnson selected 29-year veteran Larry Snelling to be the city’s next police superintendent, days after the misstep of abruptly firing Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady.
It says something when Zoom, whose virtual meeting platform is essential to the work-from-home life, is demanding its employees report to the office twice a week.
More states, and Congress too, must stand up to the NRA and others who put the right to own battlefield-style weapons over the rights of everyday people to safely attend a Fourth of July parade, go to the grocery store or a block party or anyplace else in public.
Alderpersons are now allowed to have up to 20 trees — even if healthy — cut down in their ward each year. Chicago’s new Urban Forest Advisory Board is right to recommend an end to the policy.
Michael Goodman’s alleged actions are beyond depraved. As more children are killed in gun violence, more parents fear their children will become victims.
Regulating fast-changing AI systems won’t be easy. How do we allow for maximum benefits while building in protections for civil liberties and privacy?