Kaitlin Washburn

GA Reporter
Get to the airport early. TSA expects to screen about 14 million passengers from Friday to Wednesday.
The major concerns residents reported were significant disruptions to traffic and access to Grant Park before, during and after race weekend.
A Kentucky pharmaceutical company made the donation after seeing a TV news report on Matthew McFarland saving someone from overdosing at a West Side gas station.
“We’ve been given a platform to have our hidden voices heard and our invisibility made visible to the outside,” said student Reginald BoClair.
The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce said the market is back on in an email Friday morning.
The market “is taking a pause this coming week as we continue to work on operating in the safest way possible for all to enjoy,” organizers said Wednesday in an email to vendors.
Stephen Lee, a 70-year-old Lutheran minister, was charged for his alleged involvement in a scheme to pressure an election worker in 2020. His bond was set at $75,000.
Breakthrough Urban Ministries and Live Grit Soars focus on bringing the sport of triathlon to West Side kids who can’t access it. The triathletes will be racing this Saturday in the Kids Tri Chicago.
A new study found that Chicago commuters lose over $8,000 in wages each year sitting in traffic during their drive to and from work.